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  Four HDMI 1.4 and two TPS inputs   4K capability
  Two independent AV outputs   Mirrored HDMI/TPS outputs
  Front panel USB port for easy configuration   Audio insertion and de-embedding
  Compact size   Configuration cloning among devices
  HDBaseT compatibility   Up to 170m video transmission over TPS
  Built-in Event Manager   TPS Cable Diagnostics Tool


Smart and Small
We have created what we hope is the perfect solution for meeting room and classroom environments, the beautifully compact MMX6x2-HT matrix switcher series. It is feature-rich and versatile, as it boasts six video inputs and two video outputs, can handle 4K UHD and 3D signals, has four audio inputs for audio insertion and two audio outputs for de-embedding.

Switch On the Display, Set the Volume, Start the Slides
For user convenience, we have also added a unique Event Manager tool, which takes care of all the necessary control in a smaller configuration by performing predefined actions in response to device status changes. Hence, in a less complex environment there is no need to invest in additional control solutions, which makes the MMX6x2-HT device series the best choice in numerous applications.

 Application Diagram
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 I/O Connectors Comparison Chart
  HDMI in TPS in HDMI out TPS out  
MMX6X2-HT220 4 2 2 2  Download product brief
MMX6X2-HT210 4 2 2 1  Download product brief
MMX6X2-HT200 4 2 2 0  Download product brief

mmx6x2 matrix rear view


mmx6x2 cable cloning thumb

mmx6x2 cablediagnostics 1 thumb     mmx6x2 cablediagnostics 2 thumb

Why Copy, When You Can Clone?
You must be tired of entering the same old settings into several identical units. We understand your time is valuable: using our Lightware Device Controller application you can clone configuration settings in a few easy steps and restore them in an unlimited number of other MMX6x2-HT devices.

Don't Let a Broken Cable Ruin Your Presentation
The TPS Cable Diagnostics Tool within the Lightware Device Control software will help you identify potential twisted pair cable issues in your TPS-capable system. It provides a real-time overview of the estimated cable lengths and the quality of the link. The TPS Cable Diagnostics feature is available for our TPS devices and the MMX6X2-HT series. Read more...

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