MX 16x16 DVI PRO
Fully configurable hybrid matrix switcher supporting DVI, Fiber and CAT5 transmission from 8x8 up to to 16x16

MX16x16DVI-Pro is the highest performance modular expandable DVI routing switcher that offers up to 16 inputs and up to 16 outputs. Multiple type input and output cards (DVI; Fiber and CAT5) can be used in mixed format that allows the most flexible and integrated solution on the market.
Each Input and Output card contains 8 channels, and any combination can be used in a single frame. For short distances up to 50 meters the DVI or CAT5 I/O cards are suggested, for longer distances fiber solution is suggested.

Single Fiber Technology: Lightware single fiber technology offers the latest, state of the art digital signal transmission. Only one multimode fiber cable is used per one DVI signal, opposite to competitors, who use 4 fiber channels and copper wires. Single fiber technology lowers the system infrastructure cost and isolates sources and receivers from ground loops and hum noises. MX16x16DVI-Pro fiber crosspoint matrix switcher supports all DVI-D resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 2048x1080.

All outputs of the DVI matrix router are reclocked for stable, jitter free signal transmission. Each DVI output powers fiber optic DVI cables on +5V pin, that allows transmission of DVI signals for long distances.

The unit can be controlled either by RS232 / RS422 port or TCP/IP LAN connection or by built in website.


  • Hybrid fiber, DVI and CAT5 input and output capabilities
  • Single Fiber Technology
  • Rugged Neutrik fiber connectors for rental applications
  • DVI signal transmission over one CAT5 cable
  • Routing from 8x8 up to 16x16 single link DVI signals
  • 50 meter DVI cable compensation on all DVI and RJ45 inputs
  • Field-upgradeable, modular design
  • Web page hosting capabilities
  • 1920x1200 and 2048x1080 maximal resolutions
  • Front panel buttons control
  • Advanced EDID Management
  • RS 232 or RS422 and Ethernet control
DVI input and output: 24 pole DVI-D connector
CAT5/CAT6 input and output: Catecory 6 RJ45 shielded
Fiber: LC or Neutrik NO2-4FD LC duplex
Power: IEC Power inlet
RS-232 or 422: 9p sub D female
GPIO: Phoenix 5 pole


16x16 non-blocking - any input(s) to any output(s)
Bit rate: 1.65 Gbit/s per colour
Resolution: 640x480 to 1920x1200 or 2048x1080
EDID memory 50 factory preset, and 50 user programmable
EDID emulation 256 Byte Extended EDID v1.3
Front panel buttons: Yes
RS-232 / 422: 9600 Baud Rx; Tx
LAN: Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-TX (Auto-Sensing)
Inputs DVI and RJ45
DVI8x DVI-D single link / input card
Equalization: 40dB automatically
Outputs DVI and RJ45
8x DVI-D single link / output card
Reclocking: Yes
+5V current: 500mA / DVI output connector
Fiber inputs and outputs
Mode: Multimode 850 nm
Transmission distance: 2600 meters
Connectors: LC or Neutrik NO2-4FD type LC compatible
Power: 100 to 240 V AC or DC 3.0 A

4U rack mount

176.5(height) x 440(width) x 302(depth) [mm]

Compliance: CE
Warranty: 3 years


Optional accessories
DVI-UTP-TX200    CAT5 transmitter with local monitor output and EDID Management
DVI-UTP-RX100 CAT5 receiver with DVI output
DVI-OPT-TX200 Fiber optical transmitter. DVI signal transmission over one multimode fiber. Local monitor output.
DVI-OPT-RX100 Fiber optical receiver with one DVI output.

product brief axonometric
MX Controller demo (99MB)


16x16 DVI routing frame, accepts 2 input and 2 output boards

Modular I/O boards:

8 channel DVI-D single link input card with DVI-D connectors. Adaptive equalization for up to 60 meter DVI cable and EDID Management on each input.

8 channel single link DVI-D output board with signal reclocking.

8 channel fiber optical input card. One multimode fiber for each DVI channel. Neutrik duplex LC connectors, max 2600 meter transmission distance.

8 channel fiber optical output card with signal reclocking. One multimode fiber for each DVI channel. Neutrik duplex LC connectors, max 2600 meter transmission distance.

8 channel RJ45 input board for DVI signal transmission over single CAT5 cable. DDC and EDID emulation on second, DDC connector. Input cable equalization. Use with DVI-UTP TX200 transmitter.

8 channel RJ45 output board for DVI signal transmission over single CAT5 cable. Signal reclocking. Use with DVI-UTP RX100 receiver.